Jelaine Albert

I am Rodj to most of my pre-writing peers and comrades, Jing to my family and Jelaine Albert or Ate Je to to those people who know me as a writer. I’ve been writing for more than two years and I love it. I don’t go out often. I always prefer reading books or watching movies and Koreanovelas. I am fond of historical romances. There’s something profound and raw about it. I don’t eat okra but I love ampalaya. I am noisy and talkative when I feel comfortable enough with a person.  I love to sing but I am always out of tune. I still sing anyway. I love rock bands. Like really, I go gaga over My Chemical Romance, Daughtry, The Fray, The Script and the like. But of course, my all time favorite bands will always be The Beatles and Bread. My Sundays are always dedicated to God. I am a proud Christian.