Kensi is a self-confessed bum. When she's not being a couch potato, she likes to run. She also enjoys doing crazy and outdoorsy stuff like parkour, mountain climbing, and dragonboat paddling. When she's not being outdoorsy, she likes crafting, eating, reading, cooking, and baking. Seriously. That was not an excerpt from her high school slam book. She really likes and enjoys those things. Aside from being a full-time bum and occasional outdoorsy girl with very generic hobbies, Kensi writes romance stories and science articles. Speaking of science, she's actually a real-life scientist, specifically a medical physicist. Romance and science don't really blend together but she manages just fine. As a matter of fact, Kensi considers her unique scientific environment as the perfect source of inspiration and ideas. Other than science, Kensi also takes inspiration from theater plays. She balances her schedule as a PR coordinator at the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) by day and romance novelist by dawn. Of course, she needs to sleep at night, too.