Nikki Del Rosario

Vegetables! Those Nikki Del Rosario's mortal enemies. She can eat anything as long as there are no vegetables in it. Her official water are Coke and Pepsi. That is how stubborn she can be. (As in super pasaway!) She loves to sing and listen to music of different genres. She also loves to take pictures of anything that catches her attention. Well, one of her many dreams in the future is to become a professional photographer.  Oh and she is also a certified FANGIRL! A Kpop, Jpop and men with ABS kind of fangirl for that matter. When she is not writing, you can always see her reading e-books in her cellphone, eating chocolates and junk food in her room, surfing in the internet and fangirling over LEE DONGHAE and the rest of the boys of SUPER JUNIOR! ELF forever!