Nikki Karenina

She's in a relationship with coffee and she can't live or write without it. She has this weird habit of painting her nails before writing (if her nails aren't already painted) because she can't concentrate on typing without painted nails. She lurves anything sweet, but what she loves the most are chocolate abs. Yeah, she lives to ogle guys with abs. If she's not writing, you can probably see her ogling guys with abs on Google. But! That's because she's looking for inspiration. Ignore her if you see her drooling over one.

She wants her own font to be acknowledged by Microsoft. "Nikki Karenina's handwriting" sounds a bit right, right? Her biggest writing dream is to write an erotica novel. (Shy smile) When she's not writing, you can see her fangirling over EXO and dreaming of becoming Kai's wife. She believes that someday, that dream will come true. Have faith. Fighting~!