PPS00035 - Club X: Circle Of The Moon

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Sonia Francesca

PPS00035 - Club X: Circle Of The Moon

Wala nang sino man o ano pa man ang makapaghihiwalay sa kanya sa babaeng kanyang pinakamamahal. Kahit pa ang mapait nilang nakaraan… O ang markang sumpa ng kamatayan sa kanyang dugo bilang isang Montierro.

Excited si Maxeen na maipakita sa kanyang ama ang medalyang napanalunan sa isang martial arts competition. Hindi nga lang niya inaasahan ang kanyang maaabutan sa kanilang bahay pagdating doon.
Her father… looked like a different person. Or a different being. There was blood gushing from the two punctured marks on his neck. His shirt was drenched in his own blood. His eyes were blazing red, and his teeth… no… fangs…
But before Maxeen could even comprehend what was happening, another creature appeared. And under the big bright moon, she witnessed her own father, after calling her name, was killed right in front of her by the creature who hides in the demon mask.
Maxeen embarked on a journey that enabled her to roam around the night, searching and waiting for that demon creature to get her revenge. But it was only after ten years that she was able to see it again. And, like that night ten years ago, she watched the demon creature stand right before her, with the big moon shining brightly above, and the vampires were coming towards her. Only, she had lost consciousness after fighting the vampires for quite some time. There was no demon creature when she woke up, just the most handsome man she had ever seen in her entire life, watching her with a smile.
But there was something mysterious about Simon Timothy Montierro. Dark and mysterious. But she doesn’t need those, not at the moment. She was on a chase of her demon creature.
The creature… that always directed her back to Simon Montierro himself.

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