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RR00074 - Possessive Series 4: Lander Storm

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Lander Storm hated the color red. Ipinapaalala kasi ng kulay na iyon ang pagkawala ng kanyang mga magulang. He saw his loved ones’ blood scattered on the pavement and he couldn’t delete it from his mind. And then he met the beautiful lady in a red dress, Vienna Sugon. Pinigilan ni Lander pero nahulog ang puso niya para sa babae. He knew the consequences of falling for a wayward woman. But fate was really trying to give him another reason to hate the color red. Vienna left without saying good-bye. After eight years, the lady in red came back in his life. Ginulo na naman ni Vienna ang payapang mundo ni Lander. The beast inside his pants awakened at the mere sight of the striking lady in red dress. She had awakened the possessive side of him. Nasa punto nang gustong kalimutan ni Lander ang takot sa mga nangyari sa nakaraan para maangkin ang babaeng bumabaliw sa kanya… pero nalaman niya ang itinatago nitong sekreto.


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