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CBK00227 - Frankenstein

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Mary Shelly
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At an early age, Victor Frankenstein already has a fascination with the structure of the human body and that of animals. His curiosity with the source of life leads him to the study of death—observing the human body in the progress of decay, examining bones, and rotting corpses.

In time, he discovers that he has the power to create life by bringing dead matter to life. He decides to create a human being—a giant, about eight feet tall, with a proportionally large body.

The creature opens its dull yellow eyes; it breathes and shudders, and then its limbs begin to move. His yellow skin barely covers his muscles and arteries, and his watery eyes and straight black lips are in frightening contrasts to his black hair and starkly white teeth.

Two years of study and the result is this monster! Frankenstein runs out of the room in horror and disgust.

When they meet again, the monster blames Frankenstein for creating him, then abandoning him. But the monster promises to be obedient to Frankenstein if he performs his duty as his creator. Being miserable and lonely, he demands a female to be created as his companion. But Frankenstein has sworn he will never create another creature like him.

The monster is now furious and means to get revenge... not by killing its creator, but by killing everyone Frankenstein loves.

Vividly illustrated and set in easy-to-read large font, this collector's edition can be enjoyed by young readers and by generations to


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