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LIB00410 - Forgotten Memories 1

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“You look so beautiful tonight, sweetheart, and you also smell good. Parang iba tuloy ang naiisip ko right now.”



Isabella Alexandra Monteverde is the heiress of her father’s empire. At a very young age, she is orphaned when her father dies and her mother abandons her for the man she has been seeing behind her father’s back. The moment she is left alone, Isabella turns cold and unfeeling. She vows never to fall in love to spare herself from the same fate as her father’s.

Then she meets Eugenio Carlos “Gin” De Villa, the new transfer student.

Gin is the only son of a governor and he despises the idea of following in his father’s footsteps. He despises everything that has to do with politics. He despises his father for not giving him a choice in the matter. But his father cannot make him do something he doesn’t want to do.

He is going to leave his family to follow his own dreams.

Then his path crosses with Isabella’s, the coldhearted and promiscuous girl in town.

Although Isabella and Gin are both angry towards their own families, surprisingly, they find love. They find shelter in each other. They find something precious and worth living for.

But what if everything is nothing but a lie?

Is there a chance at happily-ever-after for them if the only thing that binds them together is just a silly bet?


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