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PPS00123 : BHO Camp Series 1, The Playgirl’s Karma

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PPS00123 – BHO Camp Series 1 – The Playgirl’s Karma

By MsButterfly



“Paano kung gusto kita?

Hindi ka pa rin ba susugal?”



I’m Skylee Reynolds. Who am I can be summed up into a few words: wild, reckless, adventurous, and a lost soul. I lived a stable and comfortable life.

Bata pa lang ay alam ko na kung ano ang gusto kong gawin sa buhay kapag nagkaedad na ako. I wanted to be like my parents… to be an agent for the secret organization, BHO CAMP. But growing up surrounded by the love stories of the great elite agents, I started to realize that I wouldn’t have the kind of story they had. Kaya sa kabila ng murang edad ay nagpasya akong umalis.

Since then I had lived my life like I wanted to. Pero sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, isang desisyon ko ang babago sa takbo ng buhay na binuo ko para sa sarili ko. I met ‘him’…

He didn’t change my so-called comfortable yet complicated life. Dahil saglit lang kaming nagkakilala. Saglit lang kaming nagkasama. A night I added to my list of recklessness. A night that I wanted to forget but couldn’t.

And somehow, with destiny’s little flick of its magic wand, we met again, and that’s when everything changed.


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