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PHR06158 - Once Again, Let Me Love You

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“It has been so long since I heard your laugh. I almost forgot how beautiful it sounded.” 

When she was eighteen, Joey fell in love with Wulfric James Louis Pendelton—the future Earl of Rathbourne. He was cold and indifferent to everything. Pero hindi pa rin niya napigilan ang sariling mahulog ang loob dito. Hindi naman siya umasa na may patutunguhan ang nararamdaman. After all, napakalayo ng mga mundo nila sa isa’t isa. She was a poor orphan while he was a blue-blooded aristocrat. But then, one night changed everything— na sobrang nakaapekto sa takbo ng buhay niya.
Now eighteen years later, they met again. He was still as handsome as she remembered: Wulfric with his platinum blond hair, arctic blue eyes, and a natural regal bearing. He was already nearing his forties and yet he still looked like a prince. At isang bagay pa ang hindi nagbabago, ang mabilis na pagtibok ng puso ni Joey tuwing nagkakalapit sila. Pero hindi lang ang nararamdaman para kay Wulfric ang dapat niyang isipin. May mas mahalagang bagay pa na kailangan niyang pagtuunan ng pansin—ang kailangan nilang pagtuunan ng pansin.
Their teenage daughter, Evie.


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