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PPS00034 - Club X: Pledge Of Silence

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Keene Alicante
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Club X: Pledge Of Silence

By Keene Alicante


“Don’t forget that I am always with you and will always be watching over you… And that I love you.”

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Gumitaw ang kanyang mga luha, pagkatapos ay ipinikit niya ang mga mata. Wala siyang magagawa kundi tanggapin na iyon na nga ang kanyang katapusan…

Ngunit bago tuluyang mawala ang kamalayan ay narinig niyang may tumawag sa kanyang pangalan…

Lately, Charlotte had been dreaming something cryptic. Hindi niya alam kung bakit ngunit pakiramdam niya ay tila tunay na naganap ang kanyang panaginip. Lamang ay hindi niya iyon mahagip sa kanyang memorya. And what was bothering her was that Jonathan was always there. Kung bakit ay hindi niya alam.

They were Slayers. Constantly fighting the vampires.

Love was not a part of their lives.

But can love bloom even though they had a vow and a mission to protect the innocent in the dead of night?


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