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RR00118 : Tales of Love and Lust 3

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Saying goodbye was hard because it involved 
someone she loved that much.


Si Gina, isang babaeng nakakita ng iba sa isang dating app. She wanted to try it with a stranger. But she had been in a relationship with a man she loved. What will she choose, love or lust?

Si Mrs. Aurora Villasotto, matagal nang kasal sa isang lalaking ayaw siyang hawakan. She wanted to feel the warm touch of a man but how when her husband assigned his own brother to make sure she never strayed. But what if it was her brother-in-law’s touch she wanted to feel on her body?

Jennifer and her husband were swingers. Lately, she had been losing interest in it. Until she met Luigi. She was drawn to him and saw him again. Paano kung matagpuan niya ang sariling nagmamahal ng isang lalaki na malamang ang gusto lang ay isang adventure kasama siya?

Celeste was a runaway bride. Kung kailan nasira na ang kasal ay saka siya nagsisi dahil kailangan niya ang mapapangasawa para hindi tuluyang maghirap. She swallowed her pride and asked him to marry her again. He declined but made her an offer—be his whore and he will provide everything she needed.

Shiela was an erotic writer without a sex life. Hindi niya matapos-tapos ang libro. She decided to have an adventure and possibly spark some inspiration. She picked up a man at a convenience store and had a wild night with him. She told herself it was going to be a one-night stand. But why was she frustrated when the man never called her again?

Daniella escaped a murder attempt with the help of the man she just fired. Pero wala siyang ibang makapitan kundi ito. He proved to be a hero and, later, a fantastic lover. But she had her own plans in life and those did not involve a boyfriend. Can she let go of the best lover she ever had?


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