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BSSG00002 - Barberia De Santa Lucia Series 2 : Waiter, Barber, Engineer, Lover

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“Sabihin mo nang madamot ako, sabihin mo na’ng lahat ng gusto mong sabihin pero hinding-hindi kita lulubayan. Hahabol-habulin kita kahit saan ka magpunta.”


Rebecca had always craved for attention. Bata pa lang ay iyon na ang kulang sa kanya. She was raised by an alcoholic mother while her father left them.

One night at a party, while she was tipsy, she met Dado, a waiter. Ito ang napagtripan niyang umaliw sa kanya. Kahit mukhang iritado sa kanya ang lalaki ay pinagbigyan siya nito. And then Rebecca found out her grandfather knew him. Hindi lang pala waiter si Dado, barbero din. Napukaw ng lalaki ang interes niya. She decided to get to know him better. At bigla na lang, nawala na ang pagkairita ni Dado sa kanya. He showered her with the attention she had been craving for all her life. She fell in love with him.

But Rebecca found out he lied about being a waiter and a barber. He was a successful engineer. Was he only lying, too, when he acted like her lover?



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