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KRG00019 : Kristine Series 19, James Navarro

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Martha Cecilia
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“My brother excels in everything, Chantal. He’s a martial arts expert, a champion swimmer, he races cars like a madman… and he didn’t just inherit my grandfather’s looks but also Franco’s business acumen and ambition. And women run after him as if he was the only man on earth…”

Chantal indulged Quinn when she listened to his story about his superhero brother. Subalit hindi siya naniniwala rito. Ang James Navarro na ikinukuwento ni Quinn sa kanya’y produkto lamang ng imahinasyon nito… dahil naniniwala siyang ang ikinukuwento nito’y ang pagkatao na gusto nitong maging.

But never in her wildest dreams that she would soon meet the man himself. Subalit may nakaligtaang ikuwento si Quinn sa kanya—James Navarro was also arrogant, rough, a bully, and the devil personified.




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