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PHR06341 : Tempting Mr. Perfect

PHP 125.00
Bianca M. (BNCMLD)
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“I had to drop my phone on the ground and take some time to register what I’ve just read.”


“Nakakatuwa talaga `to! I'm hooked to it. 2 AM na dito pero parang ayaw ko pang matulog.”




Akala ko nasa akin na ang lahat. I am an amiable, balanced, and a driven woman. Accomplished at a young age, I think I have it all figured out. Pero mali pala ako. Kasi kahit pala nasa akin na ang mga iyon, puwede pa pala akong maisahan. Because my ex-boyfriend cheated on me!
But wait, there’s more! Hindi pa pala doon natatapos ang kamalasan ko. I also got fired by my wicked boss the next day. Double whammy, isn’t it? Wala na ngang jowa, wala pang trabaho.
Pero sabi nga nila, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. 
Dahil pagkatapos ng lahat ng kamalasan, may suwerte pa palang darating sa akin—I got a new job that I think I would love, I met new people… including my new boss.
The gorgeous, oh-so-perfect Heath Laurent Ongpauco.
Na ang misyon yata sa buhay ay palambutin ang mga tuhod ko at pabilisin ang tibok ng puso ko!
But no, I don’t want to make the same mistakes again. I have to steer away from anything that may jeopardize myself more. 
And that includes avoiding the temptation, even if that temptation has bewitching eyes and a sinful sexy smile.



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