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PHRGR110 : City of Blinds Series 3 (The Last Warriors Batch 2) Crossover

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Spring Mendez
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TITLE: City of Blinds Series 3 (The Last Warriors Batch 2) Crossover
AUTHOR: Spring Mendez
PAGES: 512

CATCHLINE: Akim’s kisses had their own magic. They didn’t take away all her problems. But they made her feel like her problems didn’t matter.

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After Akim De Chiel’s army led the war against the gods and won in Tienne Aires, he decided to go back to Thesaidal, his homeland. Iniwan niya ang karangyaan at masaganang buhay na tinatamasa bilang heneral para isakatuparan ang isang misyon na matagal nang nabinbin. His task was to seek vengeance for his clan and destroy Thesaidal. Every official there was included in his hit list.

Everything had been set now that he finally had all the resources needed to fulfill his plan. And he was on the verge of executing it when he saw Camil again, the only woman he had ever loved who also happened to be Thesaidal’s crown princess.

Sa isang iglap, nabago ang mga plano ni Akim. Hindi niya inakalang ang babaeng nakilala noon ay anak pala mismo ng lalaking sumira sa kanyang buhay at sa buhay ng bawat taong mahalaga sa kanya. This time, Camil’s realm was under attack and she needed his help to protect their borders from foreign invaders.

Akim realized he was still in love with her. And saving her realm was one way of winning back her heart. But could he set aside his vendetta for one woman?


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