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SWG00004 - Sweetheart 4 - My Knight In Shining Armour

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Martha Cecilia
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“Shut up, Moana. I don’t kiss little girls with braces!”



Moana Marie was fifteen and had this stupid crush on Vince Saavedra, cool and drop-dead gorgeous. But her feelings for him was way out of line. Walong taon ang tanda nito sa kanya, may girlfriend, apprentice sa kompanyang pag-aari ng daddy niya, at higit sa lahat, hindi nito pinapansin ang panunukso niya.

Pero bakit laging naroon si Vince tuwing kailangan niya that she became dependent on him? When Vince left, it broke her heart. Now, he was back after four years. CEO and general manager ng bangkong pag-aari ng mga magulang niya. Hindi lang ang bangko ang hinawakang tungkulin ni Vince sa pagbabalik nito. He also assumed his role as her self-appointed big brother.

What now? Nawala nga ang crush niya rito, napalitan naman ng mas malalim na damdamin. She was falling in love with him. 


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