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THSG00020 - Territorio de los Hombres Series Batch 2: Julian Inocentes (A New Love) and Tiburcio

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Julian Inocentes (A New Love)

“Please don’t forget the only words you’re allowed to utter tomorrow: ‘I do.’”


Handa na si Mrs. Barbara Conception-Arania, ang biyuda ng dating Supreme Court justice, na harapin ang mga hombres. She was going to claim what was hers—ang Territorio de los Hombres. She was armed and she was tough as nails. Walang makakapigil sa kanya.

Pero hindi niya inaasahan ang isang Julian Inocentes—ang biyudong hombre na galit sa mundo. He was larger than life, rude, arrogant, and gorgeous. And it seemed like all he wanted to do was make sure she knew he hated her guts as he was kissing her and she was losing all conviction to fight that desire he so very easily ignited every time.






Tiburcio “Rico” Wenceslao


“I’m your slave. I will do whatever you want, honey.”


Nancy had known Tiburcio ever since they were young. At mula pa noon ay kalaban na niya ito sa pulitika sa eskuwelahan. Hanggang sa kapwa na sila naging matagumpay na abogado at nabilang sa magkalabang partido sa pulitika. At dahil sa tingin ng partido ni Nancy ay wala siyang panalo kung lalabanan niya si Tiburcio bilang kongresista, napilitan siyang tumakbo na lang bilang vice governor.

She hated his stinking guts. Not only because he became what she wanted to be but also because once upon a time they dated. And they had sex. And then he avoided her. All of that happened before her makeover.

Now that she was fabulous, Tiburcio started to flirt with her again. What a jerk! Ang kaso, bakit kapag hahalikan siya nito ay bumibigay siya?

Sa magulong mundo ng pulitika, may lulugaran ba sila? Or was the space so crammed up the only thing they could fit in it was a couple of French kisses and absolutely nothing else?







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