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TBS00009 - The Breakers Corazon Sociedad Series Batch 2 - Dave Talisen

PHP 109.00
Venice Jacobs
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“If the world doesn’t want us to be together, then let’s run away from the world.”


Jamaica’s happiest day was about to come—her wedding with the man of her life. She felt like the luckiest woman on earth. But that feeling changed on the day of her wedding. Dahil isang hindi kapani-paniwalang pangyayari ang naganap. She was kidnapped by the stupidest man walking on earth, Dave Talisen! Ang masama pa, hindi naman pala siya ang dapat na kinidnap nito! “Nagkamali ako. Bakit naman kasi pasabay-sabay pa ang kasal mo?” “Ibalik mo ako sa kasal ko! You stupid, stupid man!” They were trapped in an isolated island. But spending time with Dave in that place made her realize things. Isa na doon ay kung gusto nga ba talaga niyang magpakasal sa kanyang fiancé. Hindi rin maintindihan ni Jamaica kung bakit ginugulo ni Dave ang kanyang puso’t isipan kahit na nakabalik na sila sa kanilang mga buhay sa lungsod. Now Jamaica was torn—torn between keeping her engagement with her fiancé or running away with Dave whom she already learned to love and now wanted to spend her whole life with.


Total Price: PHP 327.00

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